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Ozzie & Ana

Two sisters (one 11 year olds and the other 9), Anamika and Azadeh Changrani Rastogi (lovingly called Ana & Ozzie) speak about their very first taxi fabric comprising bright and colourful paintings of funny and lovable strays. Their intention through their design was nothing short of noble - to promote love and affection for stray, homeless animals.

“We have always loved stray animals and all we wanted was for other people to love them too. So we made cute and lovable stray animals in our usual funny style. We had made some paintings of stray animals earlier and thought they looked really cute. So we decided to use those designs with a few minor changes. We have now adjusted those paintings so that they can be arranged on the fabric to make the final design,” says Ana.

On asked about how they came up with the delightful title of the fabric, they said, “Our mother helped us think of the title for the Taxi Fabric - ‘Love Is A Four-Legged Word’. We liked it a lot, so we went with it!”

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